Top peach producers in Africa

Stats May 27, 2024
Top peach producers in Africa

Peaches, with their succulent and sweet flesh, are a beloved fruit enjoyed by people around the world. In Africa, peach cultivation thrives in various regions, contributing significantly to the continent's agricultural landscape.

Here's the list of the top peach producers in Africa for the year 2021 based on the FAO figures:

1. Egypt - 244,228.55 tonnes

Egypt leads the way as the top peach producer in Africa for 2021, with an impressive production of 244,228.55 tonnes. The country's favorable climate and extensive experience in agriculture have propelled it to the forefront of peach cultivation on the continent.

2. Algeria - 186,072 tonnes

Algeria follows closely behind, ranking second in peach production in Africa with a total of 186,072 tonnes in 2021. Algerian peach orchards thrive in diverse regions across the country, contributing to its significant output.

3. South Africa - 181,131 tonnes

South Africa secures the third spot in the list of top peach-producing nations in Africa, with a production of 181,131 tonnes in 2021. The country's agricultural diversity allows for the successful cultivation of peaches, among other fruits.

4. Morocco - 168,974 tonnes

Morocco, known for its vibrant agriculture sector, produced 168,974 tonnes of peaches in 2021. The country's peaches are valued for their quality and taste, both domestically and internationally.

5. Tunisia - 150,000 tonnes

Tunisia is another notable player in the African peach industry, contributing 150,000 tonnes in 2021. The country's peach orchards benefit from a Mediterranean climate, ensuring high-quality fruit production.

6. Malawi - 14,520.57 tonnes

Malawi, while not among the top producers in terms of volume, still plays a role in Africa's peach production with 14,520.57 tonnes in 2021. Peach farming is a valuable addition to the country's agricultural landscape.

7. Libya - 14,077.52 tonnes

Libya, with 14,077.52 tonnes of peach production in 2021, showcases its dedication to fruit cultivation despite challenging climatic conditions. Libyan peaches are a source of pride for local farmers.

8. Madagascar - 10,832.59 tonnes

Madagascar, known for its unique biodiversity, contributed 10,832.59 tonnes of peaches in 2021. Peach farming adds to the country's agricultural diversity and supports local communities.

These figures highlight the peach production across various African countries in the year 2021.

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