Ghanaian Activist Sets Tree Hugging Record for Conservation

Posts May 2, 2024
Ghanaian Activist Sets Tree Hugging Record for Conservation

A Ghana man studying forestry a set a world record for most trees hugged in an hour ( Photo : Guinness World Records)

Ghanaian environmentalist and forestry student, Abubakar Tahiru, has achieved a remarkable feat by setting a new world record for the most trees hugged in one hour. This achievement was officially recognized and documented by the Guinness World Records (GWR) in a publication released on Friday, April 26, 2024.

Abubakar, aged 29, originally from Ghana and currently studying forestry in Alabama, USA, grew up in Tepa, a farming community in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. His upbringing instilled in him a profound appreciation for nature and its preservation, sparking his passion for environmental activism.

After earning his bachelor's degree in forestry from a prestigious Ghanaian university, Abubakar pursued further studies in the United States, undertaking a master's degree program at Auburn University in Alabama.

The record-setting event took place at Tuskegee National Forest, situated in Alabama, renowned for its rich timber resources. Abubakar's attempt involved hugging trees consecutively for one hour, adhering to stringent guidelines set by GWR. Each embrace required both arms wrapped around a tree in a close, respectful manner, with no tree hugged more than once and no damage inflicted on any tree.


Reflecting on the challenges he encountered during the attempt, Abubakar emphasized the need to swiftly navigate between trees while maintaining the stipulated hug standards. The repetitive motion proved physically demanding, compounded by Abubakar's observance of Ramadan, during which he fasted and abstained from drinking water. Despite these obstacles, Abubakar persevered, surpassing the minimum requirement of 700 hugs with an astonishing total of 1,123 tree embraces in just one hour.

In an interview following his achievement, Abubakar expressed deep satisfaction, describing the record as a meaningful gesture to underscore the critical role of trees in our ecosystem and the urgency of environmental conservation. He articulated his intention to further engage in forestry initiatives, focusing on sustainable practices and collaborating with environmental organizations to advance impactful projects.

Abubakar Tahiru's accomplishment stands as a testament to his unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship and serves as an inspiration to individuals worldwide to actively participate in safeguarding our natural heritage. Moving forward, Abubakar remains dedicated to leveraging his expertise and passion to promote sustainable forestry practices and advocate for environmental conservation on a global scale. His record-breaking endeavor underscores the profound impact that individual actions can have in fostering a greener, more sustainable planet.


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