Top 15 African Countries by Press Freedom 2024

PostsMay 17, 2024
Top 15 African Countries by Press Freedom 2024

Journalist protest (Photo: SABC)

Reporters Without Borders (RWB), known as Reporters sans frontières (RSF), is a prominent international non-profit organization dedicated to the protection and promotion of media freedom worldwide. With consultative status at the United Nations.

The recently released 2024 World Press Freedom Index by RSF provides a comprehensive evaluation of press freedom across 180 countries. This index is an essential tool for assessing the state of journalism and media functioning globally. It highlights the challenges journalists face, promotes press freedom, and encourages governments to protect journalists and their work.

The 2024 World Press Freedom Index offers insightful data on the status of press freedom across the globe, including Africa. While African nations face unique challenges in ensuring media freedom, several countries have made significant strides. Below is a detailed look at the top 15 African countries in the 2024 World Press Freedom Index, showcasing their rankings and scores on a global scale.

Top 15 African Countries in the 2024 World Press Freedom Index


African Rank Country Global Rank Score
1 Mauritania 33rd 74.20
2 Namibia 34th 74.16
3 Seychelles 37th 73.75
4 South Africa 38th 73.73
5 Cape Verde 41st 72.77
6 Ghana 50th 67.71
7 Ivory Coast 53rd 66.89
8 Gabon 56th 65.83
9 Mauritius 57th 65.55
10 Gambia 58th 65.53
11 Liberia 60th 65.13
12 Malawi 63rd 64.46
13 Sierra Leone 64th 64.27
14 Congo-Brazzaville 69th 62.57
15 Comoros 71st 61.47


The 2024 World Press Freedom Index by RSF highlights both the achievements and challenges of press freedom in Africa. While countries like Mauritania, Namibia, and Seychelles lead the way in fostering a free and independent press, many others continue to struggle with political, legal, and social obstacles.

These obstacles often include censorship, attacks on journalists, and restrictive laws that hinder the ability of media professionals to report freely. Despite the progress made in some countries, there remains a pressing need for governments across the continent to prioritize the protection of journalists and ensure their ability to work without fear of reprisal.

Additionally, efforts to strengthen legal frameworks and promote transparency in media regulation are essential steps towards achieving greater press freedom in Africa.

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