Top pear producers in Africa

Stats May 27, 2024
Top pear producers in Africa

Pears, known for their sweet and juicy taste, are a popular fruit enjoyed worldwide. In Africa, pear production is a significant agricultural endeavor, with several countries contributing to the continent's overall output.

Here's the list of the top pear producers in Africa for the year 2021 based on the FAO figures:

1. South Africa - 459,532 tonnes

South Africa stands as a pear production powerhouse in Africa, contributing a substantial 459,532 tonnes of pears in 2021. This nation's diverse climate and fertile soil provide ideal conditions for pear cultivation, making it the leading producer on the continent.

2. Algeria - 149,780 tonnes

Algeria is another noteworthy pear producer in Africa, boasting a production of 149,780 tonnes in 2021. Its pear orchards thrive in various regions across the country, showcasing the versatility of pear cultivation in different climates.

3. Egypt - 73,694.64 tonnes

Egypt, known for its rich agricultural history, produced 73,694.64 tonnes of pears in 2021. The country's expertise in farming and favorable environmental conditions contribute to its significant pear production.

4. Morocco - 46,626 tonnes

Morocco, situated in North Africa, is also a significant player in the pear market. With 46,626 tonnes produced in 2021, Morocco's contribution to African pear production is substantial.

5. Tunisia - 22,000 tonnes

Tunisia, with its favorable Mediterranean climate, yielded 22,000 tonnes of pears in 2021. This nation's orchards are known for producing high-quality pears, which are in demand both domestically and abroad.

6. Tanzania - 5,171.53 tonnes

The United Republic of Tanzania may have a smaller pear production compared to some other African nations, with 5,171.53 tonnes in 2021. However, it remains a noteworthy contributor to the continent's overall pear output.

7. Libya - 1,455.16 tonnes

Libya, despite its challenging climatic conditions, managed to produce 1,455.16 tonnes of pears in 2021. This achievement reflects the resilience and determination of Libyan farmers.

8. Madagascar - 1,435.27 tonnes

The island nation of Madagascar, renowned for its unique biodiversity, contributed 1,435.27 tonnes of pears in 2021. This highlights the potential for pear cultivation in diverse geographic settings.

9. Kenya - 1,133.55 tonnes

Kenya rounds up the list with a production of 1,133.55 tonnes of pears in 2021. Although its output may be relatively modest compared to some other African countries, it underscores the global reach of pear production in the continent.

These figures highlight the pear production across various African countries in the year 2021.

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