Top lemon producers in Africa

Top lemon producers in Africa

Lemons, with their vibrant yellow color and tangy flavor, are a versatile citrus fruit that adds zest to both culinary and beverage creations. In Africa, lemon cultivation thrives in various regions, contributing significantly to the continent's agricultural output.

Here's the list of the top Lemons producers in Africa for the year 2021 based on the FAO figures:

1. South Africa - 656,382 tonnes

South Africa leads the way as the top lemon producer in Africa for 2021, with an impressive production of 656,382 tonnes. The country's diverse climate and fertile soil provide ideal conditions for lemon cultivation, making it the undisputed leader on the continent.

2. Egypt - 361,049.09 tonnes

Egypt, known for its rich agricultural history, follows closely behind, ranking second in lemon production in Africa with a total of 361,049.09 tonnes in 2021. Egyptian lemons are renowned for their quality and are in high demand both domestically and internationally.

3. Sudan - 357,530.63 tonnes

Sudan secures the third spot in the list of top lemon-producing nations in Africa, with a production of 357,530.63 tonnes in 2021. The country's lemon orchards thrive in various regions, contributing significantly to its agricultural output.

4. Algeria - 84,018 tonnes

Algeria is another noteworthy player in the African lemon industry, contributing 84,018 tonnes in 2021. Despite facing certain climatic challenges, Algerian farmers have managed to cultivate lemons successfully.

5. Kenya - 68,274.7 tonnes

Kenya, situated in East Africa, produced 68,274.7 tonnes of lemons in 2021. The country's diverse climate zones and agricultural innovation allow for year-round lemon cultivation.

6. Tunisia - 55,000 tonnes

Tunisia is a significant contributor to the African lemon market, with a production of 55,000 tonnes in 2021. The country's lemon industry benefits from a Mediterranean climate, ensuring high-quality fruit production.

7. Ghana - 46,899.76 tonnes

Ghana, while not among the top producers in terms of volume, still plays a role in Africa's lemon production with 46,899.76 tonnes in 2021. Lemon farming is a valuable addition to the country's agricultural landscape.

8. Mali - 43,477 tonnes

Mali ranks eighth in lemon production in Africa, with an output of 43,477 tonnes in 2021. Lemon farming provides income to rural communities and contributes to the country's agricultural diversity.

9. Morocco - 41,197 tonnes

Morocco, known for its diverse agriculture sector, contributed 41,197 tonnes of lemons in 2021. Moroccan lemons are appreciated for their quality and are utilized in various culinary applications.

10. Libya - 21,356.88 tonnes

Libya rounds up the list with a production of 21,356.88 tonnes of lemons in 2021. Despite facing challenges due to its climate, lemon cultivation is an essential part of Libyan agriculture.

These figures highlight the Lemons production across various African countries in the year 2021.