Top figs producers in Africa

Top figs producers in Africa

Figs, with their unique sweet taste and chewy texture, are a beloved fruit with a rich history. These delectable fruits are enjoyed fresh and dried, and they hold a special place in many cuisines around the world. In Africa, lemon cultivation thrives in various regions, contributing significantly to the continent's agricultural output.

Here's the list of the top Figs producers in Africa for the year 2021 based on the FAO figures:

1. Egypt - 298,497.83 tonnes

Egypt leads the way as the top fig producer in Africa for 2021, with an impressive production of 298,497.83 tonnes. The country's fertile land and favorable climate create ideal conditions for fig cultivation, making Egypt the undisputed leader on the continent.

2. Morocco - 144,153 tonnes

Morocco ranks second in fig production in Africa, with a substantial output of 144,153 tonnes in 2021. The country's fig orchards are known for producing high-quality fruit, both for domestic consumption and export.

3. Algeria - 107,266 tonnes

Algeria is another significant player in the African fig industry, contributing 107,266 tonnes in 2021. The country's fig farms thrive in various regions, adding to its agricultural diversity.

4. Tunisia - 20,000 tonnes

Tunisia secures the fourth spot in the list of top fig-producing nations in Africa, with a production of 20,000 tonnes in 2021. Tunisian figs are renowned for their flavor and are enjoyed both domestically and in international markets.

5. Libya - 10,303.68 tonnes

Libya, despite facing certain agricultural challenges, managed to produce 10,303.68 tonnes of figs in 2021. Libyan figs are appreciated for their unique taste and are utilized in various culinary applications.

6. South Africa - 1,980 tonnes

South Africa rounds up the list with a production of 1,980 tonnes of figs in 2021. While its output may be relatively modest compared to some other African nations, it highlights the potential for fig cultivation in various regions.

These figures highlight the Figs production across various African countries in the year 2021.