Top sugar cane producers in Africa

Top sugar cane producers in Africa

Sugar cane (Saccharum officinarum) is a tall perennial grass known for its high sugar content. It belongs to the Poaceae family and is primarily grown for the production of sugar. The sugar is extracted from the sweet juice found within the stalks of the sugar cane. Sugar cane is a major source of sucrose, which is processed into various forms of sugar, including granulated sugar and molasses. Additionally, sugar cane cultivation contributes to the production of ethanol and other biofuels.

Here's the list of the top sugar cane producers in Africa for the year 2021 based on the FAO figures:

1. South Africa : South Africa leads the list with a sugar cane production of 17,991,000 tonnes in 2021. Sugar cane is a significant agricultural commodity in the country.

2. Egypt : Egypt is a major sugar cane producer, contributing 12,360,553.26 tonnes in 2021. The country's climate supports sugar cane cultivation.

3. Kenya : Kenya's sugar cane production reached 7,783,303 tonnes in 2021. The crop is cultivated for sugar production and other uses.

4. Eswatini : With a production of 5,715,374.67 tonnes in 2021, Eswatini is also among the top sugar cane producers in Africa.

5. Uganda : Uganda contributed 5,369,184 tonnes of sugar cane in 2021, showcasing its role in sugar cane cultivation.

6. Sudan : Sudan's sugar cane production reached 5,331,474.57 tonnes in 2021, highlighting its significance in the region.

7. Zambia : Zambia produced 5,102,117.71 tonnes of sugar cane in 2021. The crop contributes to the country's agricultural sector.

8. Tanzania : Tanzania's sugar cane production amounted to 3,515,493.25 tonnes in 2021, adding to the regional sugar cane production.

9. Zimbabwe : Zimbabwe completes the list with a sugar cane production of 3,450,000 tonnes in 2021.

10. Malawi : Malawi's sugar cane production reached 3,156,761.2 tonnes in 2021, showcasing the crop's significance in the country's agriculture.

These figures highlight the significant sugar cane production across various African countries in the year 2021.